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Well-being of the body, veno-lymphatic drainage

Veno-lymphatic drainage uses the physiological pressure technique with inflatable pressotherapy boots activated by an air compressor (the pressure increases gradually). The purpose of this massage is to activate the circulation of the lymph, stimulate the immune defense system, and cause deep relaxation. The phenomenon of heavy legs and cellulite gradually decreases. The professional pressure therapy boots are a real solution to the problems of blood circulation, the sensations of heavy legs and cellulite.

Regular and close pressotherapy sessions are necessary. Note that regular sessions of pressotherapy have a positive effect on the water retention, thus reducing cellulite and at the same time, making the figure more thin. For impeccable hygiene, use pressotherapy boots.

Pressotherapy is a complementary treatment to thinning techniques based on lipolysis such as lipocavitation or cryolipolysis. This technique makes it possible to eliminate the created waste and to obtain slimming results more quickly!